Why Masala Raaj?

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What Makes Us Different?

Raw Material Processing

The raw material is obtained and stored in bulk quantities in the deep freeze. The process of cleaning the raw material is carried out in a separate dust proof chamber.

Use of Pallets

The employment of ground and wall pallets helps to keep the raw material moisture free.

Electric Dryer

In an isolated processing zone, the raw material is dried in electric dryer instead of drying on roads and grounds to avoid adulteration in the product.

Cleaning and Grinding Section

The process of cleaning and grinding is done in the processing zone which allows only authorized staff members.

Hygienic Packaging

During the packing of grinded powder, there is no use of spilled products and it is strictly obligatory to wear gloves and masks, and thus the packing process is followed through in an unsoiled and hygienic way.

Double Door Policy

Our Double Door policy helps our production facility be free of dust and other minute particles that hinder the quality we promise to provide. The Level-One layer door keeps the dust away and the Level-Two door helps in refining and purifying the air entering our facility.

Quality Assurance by Thorough Cleansing

All our machines are cleaned thoroughly by skilled workers with an eye for any kind and degree of contamination post production. In addition to this, the entire factory is cleaned and maintained every day to eliminate and mitigate any kind of contamination that hinders us from delivering on our promise of quality.

In-house Lab

We regularly check and assess the quality of our spices in the in-house Laboratory. Our Lab is equipped with modern equipments such as the Muffle Furnace, Oven & Hot Plate etc.

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